thestreetmall malaysia

We are launching TheStreetMall Malaysia soon!

At the moment TheStreetMall team (well, just two of us) is gearing up and finalizing the products that we are initially putting up in the store, testing out the online store and making sure that we have all the right functions for the right reasons.

For starters we are offering button badges and fridge magnets with designs that you can die for.  Or if you are a designer wannabe, we have a cool online designer that allows you to custom made the button badge or fridge magnet to whatever design you fancy.

Here’s a sneak peek of what TheStreetMall Malaysia has in store :

  1. Online Designer Tool that allows you to Do-It-Yourself the designs on the item of your choice.
  2. Smooth online purchase with payment with Paypal (the safest and most widely used option that we know of)
  3. Pricing our products for the Malaysian market – affordable yet with the highest quality we can possibly afford.
  4. Shipping as cheap and as reliable as possible.  We are using Flexipack for the pricing and reliability of the service by our local post office.  For international orders, we are using Flexipack and with tracking option as the most affordable option though might not be the fastest option to countries like United States and Canada.

Visit our store and tell us what you think. If you are happy with us, please tell everyone.  If you are not happy with us for whatever reason, we would like to apologize first and then please do inform us and we will see what we can do to make it better for you.