1. For purchases of multiple items that are to be sent to yourself, please select the same shipping type for each item that you add to the cart.  This will prevent multiple calculation of shipping fees.  You will enjoy a single shipping fee if you select the same shipping fee for the products that you add into the cart.
  2. For purchases of multiple items to multiple recipients, the shipping fee will be calculated as per-item basis.  Unfortunately the system will not be able to group the purchases of different items for a single recipient.
    [Work Around Method : Register another ID and add the items into the cart as “Send item to Myself” and then check out with your recipient’s shipping address]
  3. For the shipping fee, please add the product into the cart for the precise shipping fee.
  4. The system will group the orders for “Send item to myself” and check out in a single shipping fee.  Shipping fee for all other items (in the same cart) that are “Send item to someone else” will be calculated as per item and per address.


  1. All these button badges are hand-made with love.
  2. High quality materials are purchased from our supplier to ensure best quality button badges are produced.


  1. We can customize even one button badge – so there is no minimum order quantity.
  2. To customize your button badge, go to Start Blank and you can specify the color, design and text of choice.