Popular Size Button Badge

size button badgePopular size button badge that we know of is none other than the 58mm button badge. It is not too small and not overly large, with sufficient space for an image and also customized text. Personalized button badges of 58mm in diameter is a very popular size because it is handy yet easy to put on apparels and items.

Why choose a popular size button badge?

Easy to handle and keep

Button badge of 58mm in diameter is a popular size for button badge as it is easy to handle and keep. If you are using it on a tshirt or corporate uniform, the button badge fits perfectly for this usage. As a gift or souvenir, this is also a perfect size to be given away.

Commonly used size

If you are buying the button badges for resell, this size is perfect as it is a common size to be used as a gift, corporate events and souvenirs. Imagine this being used as a travel souvenir.

Large enough for personalization

58mm button badges are popular for a good reason – there is sufficient canvas space for images, text and elements and still clearly visible. Even for those who would like to have additional text in the button badge, it is possible to squeeze the graphics into the button badge.

Popular size button badge is perfect for events, birthday parties, corporate functions, souvenirs, weddings, giveaways and more.