Button Badge Size

button badge sizeButton badge size may differ significantly – from the very small to very large ones. The different sizes of button badges serves different purposes and can be used to suit the occasion and requirements.

Mini Button Badges

The smallest size is 25mm in diameters where by you can use it as a mini button badge with a simple logo or image. The graphic on this mini button badge cannot be complicated or too small as you will then end up with not being able to see what’s on the badge. Usually button badges size of 25mm is recommended for very simple logos or images.

Small Button Badge

The second smallest size is 32mm in diameters where you still have to keep graphic to a minimum and simple. Images that are too complex can appear too small for viewing. Use this as a simple badge on tshirts or corporate apparels.

Medium Button Badge

The 44mm in diameter button badge is a nice size however is still pretty small by comparison with the regular sized button badge. You can fit more details and images can be a little complex, however this button badge size is still not the most ideal for regular occasions.

Regular Button Badge

The regular sized one is 58mm in diameters, which is perfect for complex images and content. Very common used for corporate apparels, events, weddings, birthday party goodies, political parties and more.

Large Button Badge

The largest is 75mm in diameters. This is usually used for images and graphics that are more complex and require a larger size to enable proper highlight. Not a very common size to use and not suitable for kids as it is way too large for children.

We recommend the use of regular button badge of 58mm as a button badge size of choice, and it is suitable for events, birthday parties, corporate functions, souvenirs, weddings, giveaways and more.