Wedding Favors

wedding favorsPreparing and deciding on a wedding favors for the special day can be very tricky. You want to give an item that reminds your guest of the special event and at the same time want to add some uniqueness to the gift. You can go for something that goes into the mouth (food) or an item that people can keep. The challenge is – will people keep your wedding favor? How many times have you received items that you give away to someone else or simply toss it in the bin? We have the right item to suggest – personalised button badge as a wedding favor.

Here’s the reason why we think personalised button badge makes a perfect wedding favor:

One of a kind wedding favor

Unless someone has the same name as you and your spouse, with the same wedding date and same wedding theme/design – there is no way you can have the same wedding favor. So this is a truly one-of-a-kind and unique gift that money can’t buy.

Personalised gift

It is common that most wedding favors are items that we probably already have and it will just be given away, or worst, tossed into the bin. However most people will keep items with their names on them – and that’s what our button badge can do. Have the button badge personalised with their names on it so that they appreciate it better and keep it.

Inexpensive yet unique

If you have a large budget, you can opt for larger items to be personalised or etched with your guest’s name. If you are looking for a good deal, go for button badges that can be equally unique. If you are generous, go for a button badge set of four – completely personalised with your guest name and details of your wedding.

Contact us if you are keen on bulk purchase for your wedding favor and we will give you a quote for your button badge requirements.