School Button Badge

school button badge

School button badges are a very popular item as it can be used for many purposes – as a reward token, for school clubs, for special events, for school council or even for fundraising in school.

For teachers who want to reward their students for a good grade or for being the top student in class, the button badge is a perfect item to say “A Star Student”, “A+”, “Best Student” or just about any message that the teacher want to print on the button badges. Students can display these button badges on their school bags and would be a great item to keep for years on later.

School club, school societies and sports club can also use these button badges to identify the members of the club. These items can also be printed with position held by student – eg. President, Treasurer, Member and more. Students can proudly display these button badges on their school bags or clothes.

For special events like open day or fundraising, these button badges are also great items to have. It can be used to teach student entreprenuership skills – as they can be sold at fairs and students can be put in charge to resell them.

School button badges is the perfect item to make for the above ocassions and if you require assistance in ordering, please feel free to reach out to us.