Fundraising Button Badges

fundraising button badges

Fundraising button badges is not a new idea and have been used in many charities and fundraising events. These items can be given to well wishers and donors or sold to collect funds.

Ideas for Fundraising Button Badges

Logo of Charity Organisation

Print a simple logo fo the charity organisation to raise funds for the charity. It is an easily identifiable item and can be sold during a charity fair or event.


Quotes are usually the top favourites of most so putting them in a button badge which can be sold and collected is a great idea for fundraising.

Scenery or Stock Images

If you don’t have any other ideas on what to print, you could also use stock images. We have a lot of CC0 (Creative Common Zero) images, which can be used commercially and personally. Check with us and we can assist on this.

Anything at all

Or anything that you think is relevant to the fundraising event! The fundraising button badges are fully flexible so you can design and print anything on the button badge.