Corporate Button Badge

corporate souvenir

Corporate souvenir is an important item for many organisations as these souvenirs can be giveaways or token of appreciation during events and trade fairs. Personalised button badges are perfect as one of the many corporate souvenir to have in your organisation.

What type of button badge to print as Corporate Souvenir?

Logo of Organisation

Simply print the logo of the organisation as part of the branding that can be used on apparels and given to staff as an item to be used during events and trade fairs. They are great branding items for guest, staff and visitors to the organisation’s office.

Motto or Quote

Vary the type of button badges you print as we allow you to personalise each and every piece with different motto and quotes.

Personalise with name

You can also personalise button badges with name of staff. So you can add a logo of the organisation and also add personalised names on each piece to make it unique and one of a kind.

Personalise with images

If you have a specific event, add in a special image to bring across the message. You can add in any images of your choice with no limitation – as long as it fits in the button badge.