Wedding Button Badge

button badge weddingButton Badge Wedding is trending and becoming popular in wedding in the recent years, and our store has a lot of button badge designs that could be used for weddings. Here are some ideas on what to use button badges for when tying the nuptial knot.

Button Badge Wedding

Make a button badge design or theme to suit your wedding. Personalise each with the function each person play in the wedding – bridesman, bestman, bride, groom, cousins, sister, bff, brother and more. These items can be a great reminder of this special wedding in years to come and is a perfect memorabilia.

Wedding Favor

To add in a little extra special to those people who matter to you most, give them a personalised button badge with their name on it as a wedding favor. Instead of the normal chocolate, photos, pen or any other mementos – go for a personalised button badge with their name. People keep items with their names on it, so you can be sure that it is money well spent!

Save The Date Button Badge

Perfect way to make the announcement with Save The Date button badges. Great item to keep and unique item for save the date announcement. Keep it simple with names and the date.

Wedding Decor Button Badge

Alternatively make a wall of button badge where you display images of the couple and wedding guest can go gawk at the cuteness of your display wall. To put the button badges up, you just need to drape a piece of cloth over the wall. You can also invite your guest to pick them up on the way out of the wedding venue.

Personalised Wedding Button Badge

If you’d like to offer personalised button badges for your guest on the spot itself, drop us a note and we can advise you on the price and logistics. We are working on the details, so keep a lookout for it.

Wedding button badges are very popular and in trend, thus it would be perfect item to make for your wedding.