Annual Dinner Button Badge

annual dinner button badgePersonalised annual dinner button badge for every guest adds personality and uniqueness to any company’s annual dinner function.  Most annual dinner organisers would agree that finding the perfect door gift can be a very daunting task as the gift must suit all generation of staff and yet be relevant and attractive.

Giving a personalised gift as annual dinner door gift is suitable for everyone as it is a memento that can be kept in years to come. We would advise you to personalise each with the name of the staff to make it special and unique to the recepient. Rather than give a common gift, it would be better to give a door gift that is one of a kind.

There are many other door gift options, however annual dinner button badge are now a trending item and many organisations, large and small favor this item for its versatility and uniqueness.

Giving out the door gift can also be as simple as putting it up in a large board at the entrance of dinner venue, and invite the staff to pick up their own names. In fact, if the annual dinner is a large group – get the staff to wear the button badges with their names on it for easy identification. Perfect item as an ice-breaker too!

Button badges are also perfect to reinforce the brand, company vision, mission and other messages – so print additional button badges and give them out to staff as a token or even as a game. To order your annual dinner button badge, contact us and we will revert with a quotation.